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From Friday 17th November, our new residential products are live. We've made improvements to products and criteria to help you help more of your clients.


We continue to support customers who are struggling or think they may struggle with their mortgage payments. If you need our assistance, please call our Customer Support team on 0344 257 0427, Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5.30pm. If your client can keep up with their mortgage payments, we would encourage them to do so, as changing their contract could lead to higher payments down the line. 


Lawyers United

We make lending simple and buying easier, but your customer will still need a solicitor to do the legal stuff. If your customer doesn't already have a conveyancer in mind, they'll find one on our panel of experts.

New conveyancers can apply to join our panel here.

Joint Representative Conveyancing

When your customer instructs a firm from our panel (for a residential mortgage or an individual entering into a buy to let mortgage), we provide our instruction via LMS to act on a joint representation basis. Your customer will need to negotiate their fees directly with the chosen firm and will be responsible for paying all the legal fees to the chosen conveyancing firm in connection with the mortgage.

If your customer is a limited company please see the relevant section below.

View our conveyancing panel

NB: This list is for the purpose of identifying a suitable firm only. This list should not be downloaded, copied, exported or used for any other purpose.

Separate Representation Conveyancer

If your customer has instructed a firm who are not on our panel (for a residential mortgage or an individual entering into a buy to let mortgage) or chooses to have separate representation, they must consider the following:

  • Their chosen legal firm must have 2 or more partners and be registered with the relevant law society or CLC.
  • TML will still instruct our own legal firm to complete the legal work on behalf of TML.
  • Your customer will be responsible for instructing their conveyancing firm to represent them.
  • Your customer will be responsible for all legal fees, from both firms, in connection with the mortgage.
  • Separate representation transactions can take longer to complete.
  • For indicative costs, customers should contact the separate representation firm directly.

Limited Company Buy to Let

If your customer is purchasing or remortgaging a property owned by a limited company or limited partnership (whether in England & Wales or Scotland) then the firm acting for us must not only be on our residential panel (see above) but also be approved on our Limited Company Panel as well. Once a firm is approved on the Limited Company Panel then any other offices for that firm that are present on our residential panel are also approved. 

View our Ltd Co panel

We will also assess whether a firm is suitable on a case by case basis if they are not already approved, and you should contact to check whether the firm your customer wishes to use qualifies.

If the firm is not experienced, then your customer will be required to appoint an alternative firm or opt for separate representation. Should your customer opt for separate representation TML will still instruct our own legal firm to complete the conveyancing work on behalf of TML. Please note your customer will be responsible for paying the fees of the firm chosen to advise us.

Our Conveyancing – Portal Keying Guide is available in the document section of our website to help select solicitors via our online portal.