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IMPORTANT: New BBR Tracker product available on Buy to Let. Standard minimum loan on Buy to Let is now £75,000. Due to the ongoing volatility of the financial markets our mortgage products are subject to reprice or withdrawal at any time. Please keep checking our website for updates. Product rates can be secured by fully submitting applications, including fees paid.

Important Information

Residential Criteria Guide

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85% LTV

• Employed
• Self-employed trading >12 months
• New build*
• First-time buyer*
• Existing contractors
• Lending into retirement

* (except where the maximum LTV% for any specific product is lower)

75% LTV

Ex local authority properties
Family Gifted Equity

Maximum loan (varies by LTV)

£600k up to 85% LTV
£750k up to 80% LTV
£1m up to 75% LTV
(above £1m considered on referral)

Minimum term

5 years

Maximum term

35 years


No remortgage within 6 months of purchase. No back to back transactions. Any remortgages under 6 months on a referral basis.


All applications must be on an advised basis.

Repayment method

Capital and interest repayment only.

Offer validity

90 days. New build offers are valid for 6 months subject to valuation/reinspection.