Remarkable mortgages for remarkable people

Real life is complicated, but lending doesn’t have to be. Our range of flexible mortgages are designed for all those with complex circumstances; for the entrepreneurs, the creatives, the self-employed and those on commission and bonuses.

We can help the first-timers, the Help-to-Buyers, and the re-mortgagers too. That’s more cases, and potentially more business for you.

Mortgages that make a difference

Self Employed

Profit pre-tax &
salary on latest

Covid Impact

Consider previous
years figures


New & existing.
CIS workers treated
as employed

Complex Incomes

100% of overtime,
bonus, commission
& second jobs

Impaired Credit

Arrears, CCJ’s, defaults,
IVA’s, bankruptcies

Real Life Lending Stories

As a broker I have access to lots of lenders TML are by far one of the best It is so refreshing for underwriting to be completed with a positive can-do attitude

Rachel Cummings
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