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Our service and turnaround times

Figures accurate as of 9th April 2021
Dips Reviewed

Dips Reviewed

within 24 hours

Applications Reviewed

Applications Reviewed

within 144 hours

Documents Assessed

Documents Assessed

within 144 hours

Valuations Assessed

Valuations Assessed

within 144 hours

Telephone average wait time

Telephone average wait time

2 minutes 54 seconds

To Know Us Is To Love Us
Thursday 25th of February 2021

Quick Fire Friday with…David Eaves, head of sales at The Mortgage Lender

This week we talk to David Eaves, head of sales at The Mortgage Lender – read on as he shares his mortgage market predictions, hopes for some sunshine to celebrate a big birthday and which boxset he couldn’t resist binge-watching…

Sum up the current mortgage market in a hashtag?


Who’s the person that’s had the greatest influence on your career, and why?

Angus Macnaughton who was my manager at the Newcastle Building Society. He taught me a lot.

What will revolutionise the mortgage market in the future? 

Digitalisation. It will allow lenders to work closer with intermediary partners (and vice versa) and ultimately provide a quicker service to the customer.

What’s your proudest career moment?

I’m lucky enough to have worked for a few lenders (building societies and non-bank) and have progressed my career at all of them. So, I know it is cheesy, but working with so may great people and helping them progress their careers too have been my proudest moments.

Ideal day (after lockdown)?

Watching my son and daughter playing cricket in the sun with a cold beer in my hand.

What have you missed over the last year?

Going to watch Man City with my two sons, my dad and my mates.

Favourite holiday location?

Cyprus.  Hoping to go back there this year (fingers crossed) for mine and my wife’s 50th birthday and 25th wedding anniversary.

If you won £10 million tomorrow, what would you do with it?

Spend it! 

Smart or casual?


Half full or half empty?

Always half full

The Queen’s Gambit or The Crown?

The Crown.  I did binge-watch this one

Written by Sarah Learoydof The Mortgage Lender

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