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IMPORTANT: New BBR Tracker product available on Buy to Let. Standard minimum loan on Buy to Let is now £75,000. Due to the ongoing volatility of the financial markets our mortgage products are subject to reprice or withdrawal at any time. Please keep checking our website for updates. Product rates can be secured by fully submitting applications, including fees paid.

Important Information

Expat Criteria

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Income & Evidence

Minimum income

Minimum income is £40,000 GBP equivalent for employed and retired.
Minimum Income is £60,000 GBP equivalent for self-employed and contractors.
For joint applications, at least one applicant must meet the minimum income thresholds above.


1 month’s payslip required (or P60/local equivalent) plus 1 month’s salary mandated bank statement.
The employer must be a recognisable, traceable company abroad.
If a reference is to be supplied, this should be in English.


Self-employed applicants must be professionals (e.g. a business owner, professional consultants, professional contractors, lawer/partner). Business owners will be required to have an accountant with internationally accepted qualifications).

PO Box addresses will not be accepted.

Evidence should be provided in English.


Professionals who work for recognisable and traceable companies.