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IMPORTANT: New BBR Tracker product available on Buy to Let. Standard minimum loan on Buy to Let is now £75,000. Due to the ongoing volatility of the financial markets our mortgage products are subject to reprice or withdrawal at any time. Please keep checking our website for updates. Product rates can be secured by fully submitting applications, including fees paid.

Important Information

Buy To Let Criteria 

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Number of Applicants

Four. For Limited Company application details of up to four directors or shareholders as applicants will be captured. The applicants must cover a minimum of 75% of total shareholding.

Minimum age

21 years at application.

Maximum age

80 years at application, 95 years at end of term.

Applicants (including any Directors) older than 80 years at the end of the mortgage term should have a clear succession plan in place. Please provide confirmation of this.


Applications from UK nationals and EEA member states must be traceable at a UK address. We will not lend to applicants who are not UK nationals and do not reside in the UK.

Non-EEA nationals can be considered on a case by case basis if they have a permanent right to reside in the UK.

Diplomatic immunity is not allowed.

Acceptable proof of ID and address

If we are unable to verify all applicants using Electronic ID, proof of ID and residency will be required for each applicant. For all non-UK nationals, a certified copy of a passport is required.

Impaired credit

Please refer to the product guide for product credit profile criteria. Credit profile refers to the individual personal applicants.

Consumer buy-to-let

We cannot accept applications for consumer buy-to-let. A consumer buy-to-let is defined as an applicant with no other buy-to-let properties wishing to obtain a mortgage on a property that has either been inherited or has previously been occupied by the applicant or a related person at any time. Prior to submitting an application, the Intermediary is required to establish and confirm that the application is not a consumer buy-to-let.

First-time landlord

First Time Landlords are not allowed. At least one applicant or Director must have owned, let and still own one or more Buy to Let property for a minimum of 12 months.

Covid payment deferrals

If the application is from an existing customer, any unexpired payment deferral on an existing TML mortgage must either be brought up to date with the payment deferral ceased and the deferred interest paid in full before we can consider any further lending or the deferred interest capitalised. In both examples there must be 2 consecutive payments made post-expiry/cessation of the payment deferral prior to any new application being submitted from an existing applicant.