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Figures accurate as of 20th September 2021
Dips Reviewed

Dips Reviewed

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Applications Reviewed

within 48 hours

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Documents Assessed

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Valuations Assessed

within 48 hours

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Telephone average wait time

29 seconds

Big Questions Deserve Big Answers
Tuesday 11th of December 2018

The big interview with…Ian Balfour, sales and marketing director at TFC Homeloans

TFC Homeloans sales and marketing director Ian Balfour talks to The Mortgage Lender about increasing a brokers’ completion rate by 10 per cent a year and how it can issue an offer in as little as four working days as a result of having  onsite underwriters.

To say Ian Balfour at TFC Homeloans is positive about the future is an understatement.

Gone are the days where working with the packager was the last resort for brokers trying to place a difficult case. Today, forward thinking  packagers offer slick systems, onsite underwriting and certainty for the broker – certainty that when something doesn’t fit the mainstream they can let TFC Homeloans do the legwork to find a solution.

“When a broker comes to us they can input the information into our 1APP system once and it’s already automatically underwriting, identifying those lenders that will consider particular circumstances and tailoring the next  questions so we’re collecting all of the information the lender needs,” explains Ian.

And while Ian acknowledges the amount of information required can seem very detailed he says it’s time brokers should invest because it will increase their completions, by up to 10 per cent a year, and ensure they are offering a reflection of lenders criteria against the clients specific needs.

“The fact we can get an offer out in just four working days shows just how closely we’re working with our lender partners. Onsite underwriters, like Jemma Pugh from The Mortgage Lender, mean we’re able to turn things around and get a decision more quickly than a broker could by approaching the lender  directly,” he says.

But having Jemma onsite signals more than an improvement in turnaround time for TFC Homeloans.

“It’s true partnership working and shows how much The Mortgage Lender is committed to TFC and the brokers we are working with. Their brand is easy to understand and it’s an agile organisation that offers flexibility and is quick to adapt to market requirements.”

For those brokers that haven’t used TFC Homeloans yet, Ian has a message: “Try us, we can find a solution for seven out of ten of the cases that come to us – and that’s going to increase your completions and your profit and of course support your clients.”


1APP&TFC is the DIP & Application Management System fully owned by TFC which offers real time underwriting and product comparisons across all lending solutions from TFC

Written by News Teamof The Mortgage Lender

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