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IMPORTANT: New BBR Tracker product available on Buy to Let. Standard minimum loan on Buy to Let is now £75,000. Due to the ongoing volatility of the financial markets our mortgage products are subject to reprice or withdrawal at any time. Please keep checking our website for updates. Product rates can be secured by fully submitting applications, including fees paid.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Log into the Portal. Select “User Profile” from the top right. Select “add or remove Submission routes”. Select the preferred routes (you can add as many as you like at this stage). Once added select Save and enter your password. Now when you key a Decision in Principle you will be able to select a Submission Route each time. Please note this must be added before you move onto the full mortgage application

We do not have a minimum income for BTL just that there is an earnt income from one of the applicants


See our Buy to Let Ex pat criteria guide


  • Yes we can accept second incomes at 100% if employed/self employed or pension.
  • 100% of maintenance payments (court order showing a minimum remaining period of 5 years payments).
  • 50% of investment income.
    100% of Child Benefit, evidenced in bank statements/bank data or acceptable alternative. The maximum age of a child which the Company will accept Child Benefit for is 13 years of age.
  • Universal Credit or their equivalent, subject to the following limits and qualifications:


75% of the benefit evidenced

The amount can be no more than 25% of the total income on the application


The applicant with this benefit must have an acceptable other earned income source