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Our service and turnaround times

Figures accurate as of 25th October 2021
Dips Reviewed

Dips Reviewed

within 24 hours

Applications Reviewed

Applications Reviewed

within 72 hours

Documents Assessed

Documents Assessed

within 96 hours

Valuations Assessed

Valuations Assessed

within 96 hours

Telephone average wait time

Telephone average wait time

59 seconds

Buy-to-let Loan Calculator

We’re here to lend. So if your clients are here to borrow, let’s make the magic happen. Are they single and ready to mingle? A business who wants to lend against a property? Let’s tap in some figures and see what you can get for them.

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Tax rate currently paid

?Tax rate

*Based on the information keyed. This amount would include any fees you plan to add to the loan.

Talk to our team to discuss your calculator results or a specific case on 0344 257 0418 or visit our Contact Us page.

This is an illustrative figure only and is not a Decision in Principle. The actual loan amount we can provide will depend on supplying this and further data through our online application system. Credit reference agency data, credit scoring and the ability to provide and evidence certain information will also be used to make a formal lending decision. We have other lending criteria your customer will need to meet - check out our download section for full criteria information or call our Intermediary Support Team on 0344 257 0418

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